Happy birthday, Emily!

I know you’re anxiously refreshing Tumblr, waiting to see what I’ll do.  Truth be told, I was going to make a webs page for all of this but this feels much more personal.  It was about six months ago now that we met and started to write together, and immediately I knew how incredible you were.  Our characters hit it off and so did we and I’m so glad that things turned out the way they did.  They might be engaged now, but they’re not the only ones who gained a best friend in this.

It’s easy opening up to you, to be your friend and listen.  You’re too hard on yourself most of the time when you shouldn’t be; you’re a fantastic writer.  If you weren’t, I wouldn’t want to do it so much.  And not only that but you’re an incredible person.  You don’t give yourself nearly enough credit but I’ll do that for the both of us.  So thank you for always being willing to listen and for helping me through things that I’m sure you didn’t even know you were.  Thank you for the conversations about everything and nothing that last until five am.  Thank you for bringing the joy out in writing for me again, for making it addictive.


And so does he:

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